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Our mission is to provide sound, credible forecasts to support policy decisions that improve population health and reduce health disparities, by using the best available research evidence and microsimulation analysis - read the infosheet

Health Forecasting is a companion project to Health Impact Assessment (HIA) at UCLA, developer of HIA CLIC. Both projects are housed at the Fielding School of Public Health, Center for Health Advancement.

Health Forecasting News

September 2014

Forecasts for Los Angeles County Service Planning Areas Available:

Access forecasts by Service Planning Area: SPA Health and Population Forecasts

August 2014

Riverside County Hospital Forecasts Available Online:

View health forecasting reports for nonprofit Riverside County hospitals. Click here: Hospital Catchment Area Health Forecasts

July 2014

Los Angeles County Hospital Forecasts Available Online:

Access health forecasting reports for Los Angeles County hospitals. Click here to view reports: Hospital Catchment Area Health Forecasts

May 2014

San Bernardino County Hospital Forecasts Available Online:

Access health forecasting reports for San Bernardino County hospitals. Click here to view reports: Hospital Catchment Area Health Forecasts 

January 2014

Demographic Reports Posted Online:

View service planning area population estimates for hospitals in Southern California counties. These reports lay the foundation for community-level health forecasts for each hospital. Using figures from the 2010 Census and American Community Survey as a baseline, researchers project out demography, health outcomes and the impact of interventions on the community population through 2035. 2010 Demographic Catchment Area Profiles 

October 2013

Newsletter Published:

Read about our recent Kaiser Permanente award, Inland Empire hospitals seminar, issue brief about air quality in South Kern, and update on our toolkit: October Newsletter

August 2013

Grant Awarded:

Kaiser Permanente recently awarded the Center for Health Advancement a grant to 'Efficiently combine multiple sources of survey data to improve local area estimates of health and forecasting health outcomes for Los Angeles County'. The year long grant will help advance new techniques in small area health estimation and forecasting.

August 2013

Updated Toolkit Now Available:

How does forecasting health enable hospitals to anticipate, prepare, and plan for healthier communities? Learn about the Health Forecasting Tool and how it can help nonprofit hospitals with community benefit planning and health needs assessments. View Health Forecasting Toolkit

June 2013

Article Published:

Cigarette Smoking and Abdominal Obesity: a Meta-analysis of Observational StudiesJournal of Substance Abuse: doi:10.3109/14659891.2012.715227  Authors: Lu Shi, Ruopeng An, & Jeroen van Meijgaard (2013).

May 2013

Health Forecasting now housed at the UCLA Center for Health Advancement:

The newly established research center at the Fielding School of Public Health provides enhanced analysis and evidence based information to help policy makers decide which policies and programs can best improve health and reduce health disparities. For more information, please visit the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health Center for Health Advancement.




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