Health Forecasting at UCLA


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Our project aims to support better decision-making by choosing programs and policies with the best health return on investment.  Long-term planning is necessary to develop policies and programs that build infrastructure and promote healthy behaviors in California.  Today major health and health care policy decisions are often based on limited data and insights into the health benefits of proposed policies and interventions.


Health Forecasting provides a useful framework to anticipate the future effects of current decisions and actions:

  • Provides critical information on health disparities among sub-populations and what happens to health over time if we do nothing differently.
  • Presents a gauge of the future health impacts of potential changes in programs and policies on the overall population and subgroups by race, ethnicity, age, gender, and geography.
  • Interjects new and valuable information about our future health based on current policies and programs.
  • Serves as critical analytic tool for policy debates at all levels of government and the private sector. 

  Evidence-based model to support advocacy of public health, research, and programs