Health Forecasting at UCLA



Scenario #1: County Health Official

The Health Services Resources Administration (HRSA), part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, developed the Healthy Communities Access Program (HCAP) to allocate resources for community-based initiatives aimed at better serving uninsured and underinsured individuals.  Several communities in California currently participate in the program.

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Scenario #2: State Senator

The State Senator chairing the Committee on Education is concerned about the dramatic increase of overweight children in California during the last two decades.  Obesity and a lack of physical activity are known risk factors of high blood pressure and diabetes, in turn increasing the medical expenditures of the state.  She decides to examine the role of California schools to address the problem.

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Scenario #3: Health Plan Executive

Disease management is a cohesive, organized approach to managing a disease, its complications, and the prevention of multiple ailments.  The practice involves a broad spectrum of health care services spanning several modes of delivery including the health care system, providers, and patients.  Disease management begins with identifying populations with the disease and subpopulations with specific risk factors followed by the implementation of accepted clinical guidelines.  Accurate tracking systems are then used to assess health outcomes.

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